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All children have seeds of ability

The Music at Heart Early Years Programme

The Music at Heart Early Years Programme

The Music at Heart studio is the UK’s biggest centre for Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE), serving a thriving community of young families in York and surrounding areas. SECE is the first stage of the world-renowned Suzuki music teaching programme helps children to fulfil their potential and become better people. This is achieved through the Suzuki Triangle, the deep bond connecting child, parent and teacher, who work together in a rich and stimulating learning partnership to build a better world.

Unlike other pre-school music classes on offer in York, SECE is not just another franchised music package, nor is it your average sing-song session with a shaker! If you see your child is having fun, it is natural to think the music programme is successful. Your child will experience far more pleasure and ultimate satisfaction, however, by experiencing a curriculum that promotes true musical understanding. Fun is temporary, but an understanding and appreciation of music sustains us throughout life, in good times and bad.

SECE: 0-3 years [8 sessions - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, 9.30 & 11am]

Beginner music classes providing a rich, pressure-free environment for babies and young children to develop naturally, in which they gain life skills, a sense of purpose, an understanding of discipline and an appreciation of beauty. When he was teaching children, Suzuki always said, “Character first, ability second.”

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Instrument Foundation: 4+ years [3 sessions - Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 1.45pm]

Additional music classes designed to prepare older children for learning a musical instrument, in which they gain a firm foundation in general musicianship, heightened body awareness and control, and basic note-reading skills. When he was teaching children, Suzuki always said, “I want to come down to their physical limitations and up to their sense of wonder and awe.”

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More than just music lessons

More than just music lessons

All Music at Heart teaching embodies the principles of the world-renowned Suzuki Method. Suzuki said, "It is in our power to educate all the children of the world to become a little better as people, a little happier."

Suzuki Method education is different from other forms of music education. At its heart is the simple message that all children can learn (not only those believed to be born with talent) and that every child has limitless potential: “There’s no finish line, you know!” It is an invaluable, life-enhancing philosophy with benefits for the whole family.

As a qualified Suzuki Early Childhood Education expert, my aims in the Early Years classes are much broader than teaching music alone. Suzuki said, “Music exists for the purpose of growing an admirable heart.” I will seek to foster your child's growth in a holistic way - you will see his/her character blossom. I will work with you as a parent, your child's first and most important teacher, to create the optimum environment to enable this to happen.

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